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My Wish in Life


Instead of wishing that your life could be different, get up and make it happen. Ditch the excuses and start reaching for the life you’ve always wanted.” – Alex Fitel

Every morning, I wake up with the chanting of birds, rolling sound of cool breeze filled around the surrounding. I need to get ready for my university as that has been a part of my daily routine. Joining University for further study, I am preparing myself for the best. I understand the value of education, as that’s the thing my mother always complains about. Whenever she sees me hanging on phone, she says if I were you, I would have been a Gold – Medalist studying more.  She says to me that we are lucky as we are getting the life, they once wished for already. The hope, desire and concern on her eyes is so deep. I once asked my Mother – What you wish for. I was surprised to hear her answer. It was not about herself, but she said she wish to see us become successful, rich and live a better life.

As a mother, it was obvious that she put us in the priority. However, her sacrifices, love and care is worth mentioning. Seeing her everyday worrying about us gives me a mixed feeling. I am overwhelmed, loved and blessed, but at the same time, I feel like she needs to rest assured as she is the one I will always look upon and I have made her wish my wish too. She wishes to see me successful, that’s where I am paving my way to. She wants to see me rich, fulfilling all my demands, that day will come soon. She wants to see me happy? I am always happy because I live under her shadow. I live in her prayers, I dwell in her happiness and I am the reason that makes her proud and happy. That’s why, I wish to fulfill all her wishes and make her the happiest mother in the world.

I may sound awkward, but that’s how I want to make my life. In future, I want to initiate something, and work on my own. I want to fulfill all the wishes of my parents, who have given me everything I once wished. I will be their strength, be their hope and lead the family well. Besides, I have a dream to buy a car and hand down the keys to my Dad. I also wish to make my life colorful, with good thoughts and positivity. I wish to keep limited company of friends and do well in life. I wish to stay happy and optimistic. Moreover, I wish to become the best version of myself. I not only wish but will make it happen eventually.

  • Saru Pyakurel