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National Boxing Player Works In Sand Mine to Eke Out Living


Lahan, 5 March, 2015: A renowned boxer of Nepal, who had spent his most energetic time for the country’s dignity, is now working in sand mine to eke out his living.
Janak Yadav, 52, of Ayodhyanagar VDC-9, Kasaha of Siraha, is struggling for his life in worst form of labour.
“I have started working in sand mine to resolve hand to mouth problem of his six-member family”, said Yadav, who had won gold medal for the country in boxing under 90-kg weight category in the seventh South Asian Games in 1995.
He said with regret that, “Though I had approached Ministry of Sports and National Sports Council with hope to have some arrangements for my livelihood after returning with gold medal for the country I did not get anything rather than assurances”.
“The Ministry and Council authorities were effortful to get their nears employed but they they did not heed my plea as I had no one to approach for me”, he added.
Yadav had clinched dozens of medals in national and international championships as a member of national sports for four years. “The state had provided me cash prize of Rs 265,000 after winning gold medal in seventh SAF. Apart from this I have not gained anything from the state”, he further said.



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