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National Conference to be organized for Women Empowerment and Equality Policy


Kathmandu, August 22, 2016: Women have vision, dream, hope, trust, belief, value and guts to make a change and live their dreams. But, they also have many hurdles in their life while pursuing their goals, including family, friends, culture, society and many more. Only if we can make the girls who have dream, to work on their dream, then only will the significant population of the nation get benefitted with their potential for the overall growth of the nation.

A national conference is going to be organized for the first time in Nepal to enable the women to face the obstacles and overcome it; along with imparting them with women’s legal rights, and making them able to legally take action against any harassment and get empowered.

The programme will bring successful women from three different fields as panelists: entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and those working at home; where they will share their experiences, success stories, obstacle, dedication, legal rights and other factors that are responsible for the success of women with dreams to be the women of inspiration. The event will also be a platform where all the women who have endured, succeeded, sustained, adopted and created a huge opportunity in their area and field are welcomed, introduced, awarded and their success stories, their hardships, struggles and motivating stories conveyed to the public.

The event strives to enable women to dream, nourish it, make it grow, see it bear fruit and then see others praise the beautiful fruit from the dream they made alive. In the programme, participants will be made to realize how women with a vision created their room and also make a gap assessment about why women didn’t have significant growth.

In the conference to be attended by Bhagbati Chaudhari as the chief guest, and Ramkumari Jhakri as the guest of honor; successful panelists from different walks of life, including Sumana Shrestha, Smriti Tuladhar, Sabita Uprety, Sugarika KC, Subekshya Khadka, and Nikita Acharya among others will give presentations and share their success stories.

Date: August 27, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM-02:00 PM

Venue: Celebrations Banquet, Naxal, Kathmandu

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/787351244699794/