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National Pride Project in Palpa District


Province No. 5: The local representative of Tansen Municipality in Palpa district selected 15 development projects as ‘Pride projects’. Among them, the municipality prioritized five projects and all the pride projects are remaining in limbo.

The municipality had invited a tender to pave granites along with about 800 meters from Bhagawati Temple to Silkhantol through Shitalpati two years ago.

CM Shivalaya JV was awarded a contract valued at Rs 18.3 million. The planning officer, Mr. Bishnu Paudel of the municipality said that the contractor has already received Rs.10 million, but it has completed only around 12 percent of the work.

Tansen Municipality has set aside Rs.420 million for the pride projects. In the current fiscal year, the municipality allocated Rs.98 million to the projects. Mayor Mr. Ashok Kumar Shahi has assured that works on the pride projects would be completed as soon as possible.

In the list of pride project, the municipality includes the waste management of Tansen, the district headquarters of Palpa. The local unit planned to construct a landfill site for managing waste at Shivapokhari. Similarly, the municipality’s plan of constructing a bus park in Bandevi and installing a Buddha statue named Big Buddha in Shreenagar has yet to kick off. According to Mayor Shahi, a master plan of Big Buddha is in the final stage. “We will soon invite tender and initiate the work,”- he added.

Source: TKP