Home Miscellaneous National Robotics Competition conducted successfully in Kathmandu

National Robotics Competition conducted successfully in Kathmandu

National Robotics Competition conducted successfully in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, November 14 2014: Organizers of Yantra 3.0 are hosted a national-level robotics competition on the 14th of November, 2014

Yantra started as a national robotics competition initiated by Robotics Association of Nepal in 2010 but this year the third edition of Yantra was not just a robotics competition but also an Art, Science and Technology Festival.

 The Robotics Association of Nepal, Karkhana and Siddhartha Arts Foundation co-organized Yantra 3.0.

 National Robotics Competition to was held on the 14th of November, 2014 at the Army Physical Training and Sports Centre, Lagankhel organized by Robotics Association of Nepal. In total sixty four teams participated with more than 250 participants from various engineering and +2 college from Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar and Kathmandu.

 The event was inaugurated by the chief guest Dr. Krishna Chandra Paudel, Secretary of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, guest of honor Er. Rameshwar Rijal, President of Association of Engineering [AECON] and Sunoj Das Shrestha, President of Robotics Association of Nepal [RAN]. The award were distributed by the cofounder of Arduino and professor at New York University Tom Igoe, Masakazu Takasu from Team Lab.

There were three different robotics competition in Yantra 3.0, National Robotics Competition

1. Bridge to Lanka:

Story: Participants had to help Ram. Sita has been captured by Ravan on an isolated island and they had to build a bridge to get to her. The path to the island was not an easy one. There was only few routes to the center island. But the bridges in all those paths have been destroyed by Ravan’s army. In order to help Lord Ram, participants need to rebuild those bridges and create a path.

 Task: “Bridge to Lanka” was one of the manual robotics challenges. The main aim of this competition was to challenge robotics enthusiast and programmer. The competition encouraged participants to build mechanically strong robot which was controlled by an android app. Robot needed to push the blocks and make the path up to the central region.

 No of teams: 22 teams from more than sixteen engineering college

Team PUSET Robo won the competition, with team members Sawan Chaudhary, Jiban Shrestha, Sagar Bahadur Tamang and Yadab Kumar Dhakal.

2. Yantra Racer:

“Yantra-Racer” is an automatic robotics challenge, specially targeted to amature robotics enthusiasts interested in robotics. The goal of this competition is to encourage college ( + 2 Science/Intermediate level ) and school students to explore and learn about the multidimensional field of Robotics.

 No of teams: 16 teams from different +2 college

Team Turbo from Pinnacle College and its students, Saayush Maharjan and Ojesh Manadhar won the competition. Two teams from Pentagon won the first and second runner up.

3. Yantra Akhada:

“Yantra-Akhada” is a manual robotics sumo-wrestling battle where enthusiasts and students show off their talent. The competitors make a robot that can outwit the opponent and push it out of the game field.

 No of teams: 27 teams from more than sixteen engineering college

Prakash Maharjan, Vibek Shrestha and Srijan Bajracharya of Team Ralph from KEC Dhapakhel won this competition. Teams from Biratnagar School and Kalimati won the competition.

The winner got 2.5 lakhs worth of kind and cash prizes. The prize in kind includes electronics components that can be use in making of robots sponsored by Seeedstudio Hyperflow and sustainability living labs.

Source: Robotics Association of Nepal


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