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National Speaking Championship 2018: A competition to promote public speaking


Kathmandu, January 7, 2018: Empowerment Academy, along with the partnership of Unlearn Tribe, is ready to commence National Speaking Championship 2018 from February 3rd. This championship is being held with the purpose of developing the oratory and presentation skills in the youth of Nepal with the vision to make Nepalese youth capable to persuade and speak well with any person during any situation.

National Speaking Championship not only aims to develop speaking skills in students but also aims to promote and motivate the extraordinary students by providing them with a lucrative cash prize of Rs. 75,000/-. Moreover, the youth will also get a very enticing opportunity to meet and socialize with other people of their age.

National Speaking Championship is officially bound to start on February 3rd and will continue until March 10 with the participants gathering up once each week. In the first three weeks, the students will be given demonstrative sessions where they will learn how to polish themselves to become proficient speakers and in the last three weeks, the hunt for the deserving candidate will officially begin with the commencement of competitive rounds.

In the context of Nepal, such championship and competitions are considered to be crucial for the fact that learning methodology in Nepal is still based on rote learning. The students studying in the local educational institutions of Nepal generally complain that they are not exposed much outside the four walls of their institute’s boundaries.

Until now, 132 students have already filled the forms with active participation from females. Students from Kathmandu University, St. Xavier’s College and Nepal Law Campus have shown maximum participation along with the participation of non-students as well.

The event is going to be held with the partnership of Teach for Nepal, Jobs Dynamics, St. Xavier’s School and Kings College. Now that the competition is ready to roll, it would be really interesting to see which Nepalese youth transforms to become National Speaking Champion.

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