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National Youth Conference 2018 Concluded Providing Rs.75000 for The Work Plan


The three day National Youth Conference 2018 provided seed amount of Rs. 75000 per work plan for each province. Nepal Youth Council organized National Youth Conference 2018 on the day of International Youth Day.

Supporting the theme for the year, “Safe Spaces for youth and transforming Nepal: Youth Leadership and Innovation”, 204 youths from 77 districts attended the conference.UN Nepal collaborated with NYC where topics agriculture, tourism, communication, technology and youth entrepreneurship was discussed with the participants by the experts presenting their papers. Urban development minister, Mohmad Istiyak Rai inaugurated the conference which concluded with the province level work plan.

The work plan from province no. 1 got selected with was about the stress management. According to the work plan, 2500 youths will be given training about the stress management. Similarly, form province no. 2 the work plan about employment is selected. As the work plan says, 40 youths will be given vocational training and make them self- employed by producing the homemade goods and products. For province no. 3 the work plan for the entrepreneurship of waste management for selected. The work plan is more about recycling the waste and then create entrepreneurship. For province no. 4, the work plan working to provide the training for spreading sexual and reproduction education to 110 teenagers. This work plan aims to uplift the awareness and research to know the result. Whereas, province no. 5 presented the work plan about the entrepreneurship through technical knowledge for mitigating poverty, build self-confidence and encourage entrepreneurship. Province no. 6 came forward with the work plan on encouraging the local food production of Karnali region. About 50 youths will be trained to produce the local food products and organize it on an industrial level. For province no. 7, the work plan about the promotion of tourism sectors was selected. The youths will be trained and they will be working on advertising Local identity in the social sites and creating different websites related to tourism area.

Coca-Cola awarded the seed money to the best work plan of the conference. There was 7/7 work plan from each province. There was a jury formed to choose one best work plan among them. Sneha Raj Bhandari, Ranjan Koirala and Hempal Shrestha were on the jury panel.