“National Youth Conference 2019” to Aware Youths About the Opportunities in Nepal

by Glocal Khabar 21 views0

Kathmandu, April 12, 2019: The “National Youth Conference 2019” which will be taking place in 10-12 August, 2019, has made a vow of making all the youths aware about the current scheme of the opportunity in the country by leveling them in five confined areas: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Youth Leadership, 50 under 50 (Gender Equality), Youth Entrepreneurship, and Tourism (Visit Nepal 2020)

The National Youth Conferences in the past years has created history by providing correct guidelines to the youths, facilitating them with enough knowledge and networks, nurturing leadership qualities in them in order to start entrepreneurship. Additionally, Nepal Youth Council has been notably practicing gender equality and sticks its importance in the mind of youths from time to time as both the parties carry an equal part for the prosperity of the nation.

In total, 204 participants will attend the Conference. 144 youths (one female and one male) from 77 districts will be eligible to participate in the Conference. Additionally, 50 youths (gender balanced) will be selected from among the differently-abled, Dalits, diverse ethnic groups and LGBTQ.