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Naxal road caves in, obstructs two-way traffic

Kathmandu, January 8, 2017: Traffic along the Naxal Bhagwati Mandir-Balmandir road section has been disrupted after the road caved in last night.

According to Assistant Sub Inspector of Police Rajendra Kumal of the Metropolitan Police Circle Kamal Pokhari, the road has caved in around 25 metres below the ground level.

Police said the ground started cracking since last night. The cause has been said to be the ongoing construction of the Hilton Hotel, police added.

No one was injured in the incident, police informed.

As the two-way traffic along the road has been halted, vehicles have been directed to use alternative routes for the time being.

Locals have been protesting around the area blaming the Hotel for its carelessness.

Police informed that the reconstruction of the road section would take at least a week.

A police team has arrived the scene for further investigation.

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Abhinav Singh Dangol/Facebook

Sudan Oli/Twitter