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Ncell investing Rs 12 billion this year


Kathmandu, May 10, 2016: Ncell has unveiled plan to invest US$ 120 million (approximately Rs 12 billion) for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in Nepal this year.

Issuing a statement, Ncell said it will be the largest capital expenditure undertaken by it so far.

“We will be investing around $120 million in 2016. We will focus the investment in Nepal where it matters – building telecommunications infrastructure for better network and quality coverage,” Simon Perkins, managing director of Ncell, said in the statement.

The statement further states that the announcement of new investment demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to continue to invest aggressively in Nepal’s network and infrastructure, and deliver high quality products and services to the people of Nepal.

Ncell plans to expand its footprint into remote and rural areas of Nepal, aiming to bolster connectivity and create opportunities for underserved communities in those regions, and enhance network capacity in cities to deliver high-speed Internet. At present, Ncell has been delivering data speed of up to 21mbps in the Kathmandu Valley and the Everest region.

“We will go out aggressively in the deployment of our 3G and high-speed expansion in rural and remote areas. Our plan is to set-up and establish 218 new sites to reach out to new towns and village development committees this year,” Perkins said in the statement.

In addition, the company is also building 214 new sites to address coverage gaps in regions where Ncell is serving at present.

Ncell has been providing 3G connectivity in 63 districts, according to the statement.

The privately owned GSM operator also plans to spend a sizable amount in building earthquake resistant data centers in Kathmandu Valley. “We are focused on building a robust network throughout the country,” Perkins said, adding: “We will work closely with the regulator and the government to fulfill national goals to benefit Nepalis through the use of technology that can bring immediate and impactful results in education, health and mobile financial services.”

Meanwhile, Ncell has also expressed eagerness to launch 4G services in Nepal. According to company, it has also applied to Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) for permission to roll out 4G services. “We are awaiting a positive decision from the NTA, and are hopeful it will come soon,” said Perkins.