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NCM Jatra 2016 to develop the feeling of gratitude among people


The two-week long event seeks to develop the feeling of gratitude among the people in the present day society and provide occupational-skills development training to the people of Selang in Sindhupalchowk District.

Kathmandu, June 8, 2016: NCM Jatra, a mega event by the students of the Nepal College of Management is to be organized in the town.

To be organized with the slogan, “Gratitude……..for the remains of our dignity,” the event seeks to pay tribute to all the individuals who stood for themselves and for the  country, selflessly and determined, especially at the time of crisis and misery brought about by the mega-earthquake last year.

Out of the three milestones the programme is crafted into, viz. NCM Symposium, NCM Wheelathon-Marathon-Live Art Show and Exhibition and NCM Exposition; NCM Symposium has already been organized on June 4, at the Nepal Administrative Staff College, Jawalakhel. The programme was able to satisfy the unquenched thirst of curious minds to be engaged in constructive discussions and sharing through a structured theme “Dignity: Is it what we have or what we do?” The session saw lively discussion with dignitaries from different walks of life.

NCM Wheelathon-Marathon, the second programme in the series, will be organized on June 11. The marathon will initially start with a short Wheelathon in which the college students will march alongside the differently able people and distribute thank you cards to the strangers. To happen in route to Basantapur from the Dharahara, people walking on the feet will boost the morale of the people on wheelchairs. Then, the opening of the competition of the marathon, will start formally at Basantapur, which will end at NCM in Dhobighat (7.3 Km). Baikuntha Manandhar, the legendary marathon runner, will also be participating in the race.

NCM Exposition, the last programme in the series, to be held on June 18 will see participation of students from 25 different colleges in various competitions. In the event to be organized in Bhrikutimandap Ground, the students would come together and exhibit their talents in different competitions like slam-poetry and dance competition. The day will also see live performances by renowned bands in the nation like 1974 AD, Robin and The New Revolution and the Manda Band.

Rojisha Shahi, Brand Ambassador for the Jatra and Miss Nepal Earth-2013, expressed her happiness to see such programmes being organized by an educational institution focusing on students’ extra-curricular activities for a philanthropic cause.

Alisha Singh Thakuri, supervisor for the event, shared that the proceeds from the programme will be utilized to conduct occupational-skills development programme to the people of Selang, Sindhupalchowk who have been severely devastated by the earthquake last year.

For more information about the event, reach the organizers at www.ncm.edu.np.