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Need of perfect branding in UI/UX ( E Commerce ) 

Need of perfect branding in UI/UX Ajay Pandey

Building a perfect brand is both the need and objective of all businesses. As I have mentioned in my earlier articles how brand is not just a logo. Consistency is key player in branding. Further, it is more about how users interact with the company. UI/UX are major components of branding in that sense.

People often overlook UI/UX (UI≠UX) in terms of branding. UI design not only attract users with its design but also portray your brand. Especially in the era of e-Commerce, perfect branding in UI/UX matters a lot. Because there is short time for user to decide if S/He wants to buy product from your site or not, that decision is based on his/her experience on your site/app.

This is the era of big internet giants who have hundreds of employees just working for maintaining brand. It is a challenging task to meet customer expectations which shows need of perfect branding in user Interface.

Have a look at some of the ways to enhance branding in UI/UX (e-Commerce).

Research (Know your brand ) 

Start with a research. It helps you to understand your brand. Branding revolves around these three questions:

  • What you offer?
  • Why you’re doing it?
  • How you’re going to present it?

To understand brand and branding one should know to answer these questions. Not only font, color, image but every part of UI/UX design has a major role in building a brand experience. For example, when we start a UI design, the basic thing we do is create a site map or wireframe which have branding. These are just documents but can affect your overall brand position. The site map will define your brand experience of users.

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Uniqueness ( Have something to remember) 

Any uniqueness in product (app/website) creates a longer visual impact and contributes in decision making. It is important to understand that everything on the website or app reflects brand and needs to be optimized accordingly. We all have that experience when we open certain website to buy a product but have to cancel it because of its confusing process. The best example of this can be seen in Play/App store; the most downloaded apps have nice and attractive UI and we remember unique parts of it.


Keeping right Focus 

Always keep your focus at the right place by designing things that are as per the demands and needs of your customer. Focus is necessary so that things are not in shadow. The UX/UX should be able to attract and aware user about brand. Need of customer should be always in focus because they are the one who will buy from the website.

The reason of having a good UI/UX is to build an effective brand by giving customers a positive and memorable shopping experience. Creating a UX design which is easy-to-navigate, attractive and high-converting can help to build a nice and memorable brand which customers can trust on.

By : Ajay Pandey