Neha Marda spends 60 hours on the set

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Neha Marda spends 60 hours on the set

28 November,2014: Neha Marda, currently seen as Urmi in TV show Doli Armaanon Ki, is practically living on the set.

The actress has been shooting for long hours which caused her to spend two nights and three days on the set where she used to sleep and shower. The actress had no time to go home because commuting would have taken a lot of time. It took a toll on her health. And it was after the final shot, that she finally went home only to resume the shoot after a few hours of rest.

Says Neha, “The crew thought I was pregnant when I started throwing up. It was hilarious. I had to tell them that it’s not pregnancy but acidity responsible for it.”

Source:The Times of India



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