Home Science Nepal among nations most prone to malware attacks.

Nepal among nations most prone to malware attacks.


4c73cc1ca6221b24e3c52c37759aca88_LSAN FRANCISCO,May 8,2016;Pakistan, Indonesia, the Palestinian territories, Bangladesh and Nepal attract the highest rates of attempted malware attacks, according to Microsoft Corp.Countries that attracted the fewest include Japan, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Microsoft said in a new study, based on sensors in systems running Microsoft anti-malware software.

“We look at north of 10 million attacks on identities every day,” said Microsoft Manager Alex Weinert, although attacks do not always succeed.

About half of all attacks originate in Asia and one-fifth in Latin America.

Millions occur each year when the attacker has valid credentials, Microsoft said, meaning the attacker knows a user’s login and password. A technology known as machine learning can often detect those attacks by looking for data points such as whether the location of the user is familiar.