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Kathmandu, Aug. 2: The Nepalese Army has begun clearing the blockade occurred with landslide in the Sunkoshi River at Jure of Ramche VDC-5 in Sindhupalchwok district. With gradual clearing of the blockade with explosives, the River which was changed into huge lake is being normal.


The River was barricaded with the landslide creating a blockade of some 200 meters length and 150 metre height.


As a result, the downstream and the nearby upstream areas were declared emergency areas and rescue operation begun.

In order to reduce further crisis, an engineers’ team of the Nepal Army conducted the operation during the day. The NA has managed the controlled flow of the River from the blockade.


Similarly, the search of the disappeared ones is on.According to the NA, eight persons were buried to death in the landslide while 17 have gone missing with the collapse of 40 houses.



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