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Nepal: Country of Pride


Nepal is one of the countries where globalization of modernity haven’t easily affect their ancestral culture though the enigmatic country of Nepal boasts its own identity. Nepal is truly a god’s playground with gigantic mountains, extensive nature with dramatic landscape and mesmerizing lakes.

Nepal is a country of mysteries. Tourists come here to see the mountains and enjoy the culture. Nepal counts among one of those countries which were never invaded.

Along with a variety of flora and fauna, Nepal holds endanger wildlife such as One horn-rhino, Bengal tiger, Red panda, and national flower Rhododendron.

Nepali calendar

It was established since 1140 BS in lunar calendar (20, October 879A.D.).So we celebrate our new year in mid- March and April comparing solar calendar which is different from another country that are following solar calendar.

The Mountains / Lakes

Nepal has the world’s eighth highest mountain including Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world. We also call it Sagarmatha in Nepali and Choloumanga by Sherpa/Tibetan. We are also known as the country having the highest peak in the world. Nepal also has the highest lake in the world called Tilicho Lake. The altitude is 4,949 above the sea level.

Animal and Plants

Nepal is surrounded by beautiful nature but there are still some challenges to overcome the threats for plants and animals, which are the components of nature. So we are trying to protect our nature by conserving endangered plants and animals. It has been helped by different National parks and National animal board. Animals that are found only in Nepal include One-horned rhino, Red panda and Bengal tiger along with national flower Rhododendron.

Culture and Religion

Nepal is rich in diverse culture which includes 80 ethnics groups and 123 different languages. Nepal is a secular country, and the people here live in Unity in Diversity. Likewise, we greet people saying ‘Namaste’ while other countries say hello or shake their hands. In our country, we say ‘namaskar’ and it is believed to be the gesture which enhances divinity and positively in you.

Living Goddess

As far as we know, there is only a living god all over the world known as ‘Kumari’ in Nepali. It shows our traditional belief with a living goddess with its own belief. There are 3 different kumari in Kathmandu valley.

Gorkhali – Famous as Gurkhas

Gurkha’s and the famous Khukuri used by them are very popular with the history of the world and considered the bravest soldiers of the world. Nepali people take pride in becoming one of the certified Gorkhali.

Uniqueness of Flag

Every country has a unique factor in their belongings but we have a different flag. We have two stacked located sun and moon into that flag bounded with dark blue and maroon. This is the only flag with a non-rectangular shape.

Birthplace of Buddha

Nepal is a land of Buddha known for the light of Asia. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, Kapilvastu in Nepal in 623 BC. He is also famed as the ‘Light of Asia’. And Nepali people celebrate a big festival every year on the occasion of his birthday, which is on 14 May. The festival is officially called Buddha Jayanti.

However, we do have a plethora of things in Nepal which reflect our country to the world and the people visit Nepal to witness the beauty of nature. We are proud to be Nepali and it’s our responsibility to make our country recognize in the outer world and enhance its beauty.

  • Anisha Ale Magar