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Nepal exports tea worth 2 billion Rupees in current fiscal year

A group of women are picking up tea sprouts in a plantation at Sunderpani.

Kathmandu, April 20,2018 : According to the data of customs office, from the starting of the current fiscal year, Nepal exported tea worth Rs.2 billion to India from eastern districts of Nepal through Mechi Customs Office. Among the tea exported 3.5 million kg was orthodox tea worth Rs 1.2 billion and  7.1 million kg was crush-tear-curl (CTC) tea worth Rs 715.3 million between nine-month period from mid-July to mid-April.

As stated by Nepal Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB), Nepal produces tea in over 66700 acres of land and Jhapa, one of the highest tea production eastern districts of Nepal alone produces tea on around 9,489 hectares of land in Nepal. Also, NTCDB confirmed per year Nepal produces around 24 million kg of tea which is three times more than fiscal year 2001-02. Most of the tea produced in eastern districts of Nepal is exported to India which is re-exported to the international market with labeling of Indian tea. According to the tea traders, there is a pick rise in demand of Nepali tea in India every year.

Nepali orthodox tea has been gaining popularity for it’s high quality in the international market. A collective trademark of Nepali orthodox tea ‘Nepal Tea’ has recently been launched in order to stand out in international market.