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Nepal Literature Festival to take place on Dec 13-16


Pokhara: The eighth edition of the IME Nepal Literature Festival will take place on December 13-16 at Barahi Lakeside in Pokhara.

The information was made public at a press conference organized jointly by Bookworm Foundation and Random Readers Society here on Tuesday.

On the occasion, the Foundation’s Director Mr. Ajit Baral said that new speakers would be given a chance in response to complaints that familiar faces appeared at the forum every year. He mentioned that more than 110 speakers including over a dozen foreign writers are expected to participate in the festival has more than 40 sessions. The participation of foreign writers is expected to boost the Nepali literature sector.

The festival’s four editions were organized consecutively in Kathmandu beginning one edition, and the rest in Pokhara. Pokhara was picked for the festival in a bid to promote literary tourism, said Baral, adding that the 2015 earthquake also forced them to shift the venue for the festival.

President of the society, Mr. Keshab Sharan Lamichhane said that the festival had helped to explore Pokharali literature.

The DSC Award will be presented for South Asian Literature on the occasion of the festival. The USD 25000 purse carrying award is international literature written by writers of any ethnicity or nationality on South Asian themes such as politics, culture, history, and people.

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