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Nepal Oranges To Feature In Kolkata’s Orange Festival


Ilam, Nov 6,2014: Oranges grown in the eastern part of Ilam district, also known as the ‘Golden Valley’ are going to be featured in the ‘All India Orange Festival’ that is to be held from 3-9 December in Kolkata.

Six peasants, in coordination of Society for Nature Conservation, a local club, are preparing to set out for Kolkata with 10,000 oranges, said Yam Prasad Adhikari, a local peasant.

Since the oranges grown here are very juicy and bigger in size, Nepali participants are hopeful that the oranges from Golden Valley will be the most preferred to the Indian ones.

Apart from featuring oranges, Nepali pavilion will also showcase honey, Akbare chilli, cardamom, avocado among other specialties of Ilam.

The oranges of Golden Valley are garnering fame not in the locality but also across the neighboring districts and countries as India, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

People from these neighboring countries coming to visit Ilam prefer taking this fruit their home as a gift, explained a local Kumar Moktan.

Of late, orange farming has become a lucrative business as a farmer could earn some Rs 50,000 to Rs 150,000 per season from it.



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