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Nepal Police Worries About Increasing Cases Of Road Calamities

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Kathmandu, Nov 1,2014: Nepal Police has expressed serious concern over rising cases of road accidents across the country for the past few days and the subsequent fatalities.

High-speed and overload are among the causes behind increasing cases of road calamities, the Nepal Police said in a press statement here Saturday.

The road mishap that occurred at Bastipur of Basamadi-1 in Makwanpur on Friday night was due to over-speed as well, reads the statement.

In the statement, Nepal Police has requested passengers to immediately contact at 01-4412780, 01-4411549, 01-4415597 and 01-4412748 or at toll free number 16600141516 or at police control room 100 or mobile number  9849091139 if they notice any negligence on the part of bodies concerned or drivers or other types of negligence during their travel.

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