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Nepal praised for anti-corruption efforts

Kathmandu, December 9, 2016: On the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, Nepal’s development partners have congratulated the people and the Government of Nepal for their efforts in tackling corruption and promoting a culture of integrity.

“We commend the government for undertaking its first review cycle of its obligations under the UN Convention Against Corruption. The review acknowledges some good practices and recommends expanding the scope of integrity rules, and strengthening capacity of anti-corruption institutions.

We support the government’s efforts to revise its legislation in line with the UNCAC commitments and urge the government to also prioritise implementation and enforcement of the legislation and anti-corruption measures,” read a joint statement issued by international development partners in Nepal.

The next UNCAC review cycle, due to begin in 2017, will focus on prevention and will benefit from broader engagement of all stakeholders at national and sub-national levels, including civil society and private sector.

This will also increase ownership and enhance acceptability and effectiveness of the strategies that are being adopted.

The statement said this year had seen some encouraging initiatives by a broad range of Nepali stakeholders to promote the culture of transparency and integrity throughout the country.

Efforts to boost integrity in the judiciary, among others, and contributions by civil society actors to address anti-corruption issues are commendable. “These initiatives remind us that success in anti-corruption requires every member of society to play their part. We hope they continue to be encouraged and supported,” it read.

“With the new constitution and progress under way towards a new state structure, now is a critical time for all stakeholders to show leadership in combatting corruption at all levels and in all forms.

This period of transformation provides a unique opportunity to strengthen systems, attitudes, and practices of accountability and integrity. In this context, holding credible and transparent local elections is a critical milestone in strengthening accountability,” added the statement.

Nepal’s development partners include Asian Development Bank Nepal, Embassy of Australia, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Finland, Embassy of France,Embassy of Germany, Embassy of Israel, Embassy of Republic of India, Embassy of the UK and DFID, EU Delegation to Nepal, JICA Nepal Office, Royal Norwegian Embassy, UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, USAID and World Bank.

“Nepal’s transition is a historic moment to make lasting change for the benefit of generations to come.

As international development partners we stand ready to continue our support for a shared vision of Nepal as a country that delivers integrity and accountability for all its population,” said the statement.