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Nepalese Real Estate Organization (N-REO) inaugurated


KATHMANDU: Nepal Real Estate Organization (N-REO), an association of broker agencies and agents has been inaugurated in Kathmandu in the 30th of May at Marriott Hotel. N-REO as a professional organizing body will be providing certification and validation to real estate agents, agencies and properties.

Given that real estate has been operating in a very traditional manner in Nepal, N-REO has been established with the vision of creating a sound system for real estate brokerage alongside maintaining international standards in the sector.

Honorable Chief Guest for the event, Mr. Bidhya Sundar Shakya, the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, highly stressed on how the establishment of such organizations would channelize effective communication between various stakeholders and the government bodies helping bring positive and impactful reforms in the policies that govern the sector.

Mr. Kishor Thapa, the Guest of Honor of the event, and the Board Member of the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, highly praised the multi-listing system (MLS) being introduced by N-REO claiming it to be a historic attempt which would lead in effective brokerage transactions.

N-REO will become a bridge between the stakeholders of the real estate sector and the government promoting frequent lobby meetings and collaborations between the two parties for the betterment of the entire sector.