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Nepali artist Amrita shines in ‘The Good Karma Hospital’


Kathmandu, February 14, 2017: Nepali artist Amrita Acharya has performed a lead role in ‘The Good Karma Hospital,’ a telefilm, which is being broadcast in London.

Earlier, Amrita, 26, had also performed a role in ‘The Game of Thrones’ broadcast by HBO channel.

Amrita migrated to London when she was just seven years old.  In the telefilm, she has performed the role of a doctor who reaches India in the course of carrying out her duties in ‘The Good Karma Hospital’.

Amrita, who was seen in the Oscar-nominated film ‘I Am Yours’ immediately after the “the Game of Thrones”, commented that it is not easy to act in the tele serials. The serial portrays the life experiences of a doctor. Amrita said, ‘‘The tele serial has included the life experience and knowledge of a doctor. I am influenced by the thoughts of settling myself as an actor in the international film career. It has encouraged me to understand the culture of a doctor from my childhood again.’’

Amrita, the daughter Dr. Ganesh Acharya, a gynecologist of Patan Hospital, migrated to England in her childhood.

She went to England to study acting after completing her studies in a Norway high school. She also collected relief materials with the assistance of international for the quake victims.

She has been seen in the role of Dr. Ruby Walker in ‘The Good Karma Hospital’ which is broadcast by ITV of England. The serial which was released on February 5 will be broadcast till March 12 this year.

Amrita, who was born in Kathmandu, has worked in ‘I am Yours’, ‘Dead Show: Red vs Dead’ and ‘The Game of Thrones’.

By Smriti Dhungana