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Nepali fans cheated again!


Dejected Nepali fans yet again cheated as ANFA fielded three overaged players in AFC U16 Championship Qualifiers.
This news added salt in the pain that Nepali Football Fans suffered after their players were found fixing the match. This news will certainly fade away the remaining hope on Nepali Football.

The U16 coach Upendra Man Singh even was unknown about this and was shocked after hearing the news. The three Nepali players were charged of overaged. The players are Goal Keeper Arpan Karki, skipper Manish Karki and forward Rejin Subba. Due to this reason, ANFA was charged of 1500$ fine.
This is a deep issue that is to be taken into consideration and such activities and negligence of ANFA is intolerable to Neali Football Fans like us.
So we Nepali Fans should raise the voice against the corrupted ANFA.


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