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Nepali Handicraft: Eco-friendly-Sustainable Accessories


The word ‘eco-friendly-Sustainable’ symbolize which is friendly for the environment for the long term.

I visited the Nepali handicraft shop near Bhanimandal. Those eye-catchy designs hit my mind so much that I realized how about using eco-friendly items this time? The best ethical and eco-friendly hand made products and accessories are priceless. I loved every single item of that shop as it was a majestic view of a creative hand making process. Therefore, called handicrafts, so handy and beautiful.

I noticed that there is a high potential for the use of handmade recycled paper and products. I treat myself with eco-friendly items. My eyes were seeking all accessories and I mind makeup that I need those items to input my essentials goods. There are different types of accessories that I remember like handmade pieces of jewelry, jewelry boxes, notebook, bags, wind-champ, different embroidery materials, and other different handmade products. Those affordable and locally made products, handmade crafts are good to get for yourself or as a souvenir to your loved ones.

I checked varieties of jewelry boxes and it’s very beautiful. It is good to buy and put our jewelry inside that looks very attractive. We are always searching for different ethical pieces of jewelry brands that truly impact our lifestyles. As we move onto the holiday season we always look for sustainable and ethical jewelry that suits us. So that handmade crafts will be the best.

The different varieties of unique handbags and its outer design is hand embroidery, block prints, etc. Along with the quality of the product, there are many features of bags. Those handbags are always fashionable and we use them to make laptop bags, shoulder bags, and other eco-friendly items for daily use.

Handicraft is a source to develop our skills. It supports and promotes local art and business. We can create handicraft products with our creativity and knowledge. We may make mistakes but practicing and improving can be surely achieved. There is a saying-” Practice makes a man perfect.” With proper skills and development, there is a definite chance to grow our own business, and it is a good way in the handicraft market of Nepali local products.

It is the best platform or opportunity to enhance our interests and skills. This is the best way to eradicate unemployment. Especially it provides employment, empowerment, capacity building, and education to women; who are homemakers and can spend their leisure time learning handicraft skills to earn good source income. It not just facilitates women, but also keep the major role in Tourism.

The most good-looking part of handicraft is Eco-Friendly property. Most of the hand made products are more biodegradable and environmentally friendly than factory-made products. It is also completely free of hazardous materials and chemicals. It gives awareness about the importance of reducing consumption and waste, and reusing and recycling materials. The most important is paper recycling has become a necessity to conserve limited natural resources.

Handicraft is the way to connect and attracted tourists. It reflects the perfect culture of the country. Handmade crafts are the major source of income and also increased the economic values. Tourism is one of the main economic activities in Nepal. It plays a major role in the development of arts and craft in the country. The handicraft business is one of the main occupations of people. Tourism and handicrafts are co-related; tourists generally buy handicrafts as travel gifts or souvenirs. Handicrafts hold great attraction for the tourists.

In my view of the context, contributing to environmental conservation, promoting eco-friendly products. Nepali handmade paper is an environmentally friendly and sustainable resource that is harvested and produced creatively. We must effort to spread awareness and conserve the environment by recycling paper. Accordingly, recycled paper is a sustainable and renewable source in handicrafts.

  • Swechha Poudel