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Nepali Language: Our Identity


English is widely spoken and accepted international language. It has been a mandatory language to learn to compete in an international arena. Almost every country, except some few, teach English from elementary school only.

The English language holds great importance these days, but that doesn’t mean we should forget our own mother tongue.  In the past few years, Nepal has experienced a tremendous influence on western culture. From the way we dress to the food we eat; we have been influenced by some or the other way. There is an increase in the number of English speakers and due to these reasons, our own language is in verge in extinction. Being a Nepali ourselves, we dither to use the Nepali language even while introducing ourselves. Our mindset has been set such a way, we tend to think the one with the good English and proper accent can achieve anything.

And it’s shameful of us how we judge people just based on their accent. This parameter cannot truly judge who we are. Let’s not go too far, look at how China, our neighboring country who is leaving no stones unturned to conserve its language. And more than conserving we should learn from them how they are prioritizing and promoting their language instead of other languages. By this, I do not mean to say that we should stop talking English, it’s only that we need to set our priority because at the end our languages, cultures are our pride and our identity. We must do something do protect our identity.

The basic education can be provided in our own mother tongue to make the kids realize the importance of their language since a very small age.  This not only helps to promote our language but also helps to promote the feeling of nationalism which is gradually declining amongst the Nepalese youths. The leaders should too promote their own language rather than speaking others. In international programs, where they need to speak, they can hire the translators. The change should start from them so that everyone can learn the significance of our own language.

The children are taught English alphabets even before Nepali. Therefore, they tend to be more inclined towards English. Having a good command over English is always a plus point but realizing the importance of our own language is equally important. We need to introduce different courses in schools as well as universities to promote our language. There has been a decrement in the number of students choosing Nepali language as a major since past few years. This is because of the discouragement they get from family, friends and even schools want their students to study other subjects instead of Nepali.

A Nepali person who doesn’t know how to speak in Nepali should be ashamed but it’s just the opposite here in Nepal. A person with a bad English is made to be felt ashamed even though English is his/her second language.  This mindset has to be changed to promote our language. We should learn to prioritize.

Furthermore, different programs should be often organized to aware people about the significance of our language. Let’s promote the Nepali language.