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Nepathya to perform at Tundikhel this Saturday

Lyricist Sarubhakta (left) listens to Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung sing his song during a rehearsal, in Kathmandu, in January 2017. Photo: Nepalaya

Kathmandu, January 6, 2017: Nepathya, a popular Nepali folk-rock band, is all set to make their first appearance of 2017 and present a new song at Tundhikhel of Capital this Saturday.

Giving continuity to their effort to connect generations with music, Nepathya at the show will be presenting veteran poet and dramatist Sarubhakta’s 35-year-old song to the “motorcycle generation of today,” read a press statement issued on Thursday.

Kuroop Anuhar ho… Yahan kohi Saathi Chhaina
Beroop Anuhar ho… Yahan kohi Sathi Chhaina

According to poet Sarubhakta, this song was written during the early 1980s.

“I had conceptualised this song in Pokhara and completed it in Kathmandu when I was a student at the Tribhuwan University,” shared the incumbent Nepal Academy of Music and Drama Chancellor.

“Circumstances push many youth to a situation when they feel rejected. This song could be the lyrical resemblance of all such lonely and discarded youth of our generation,” recalled the lyricist as quoted in the statement.

“Everyone, especially during the youth, longs for love and affection in their life. Though this song sounds dark, it is not against love. I have just tried to express one dimension of this eternal feeling,” he assured.

His childhood friend Vikram Gurung had composed music for the song later.

“Vikram used to perform this song in Pokhara; recording during those times was not easy” recalls Sarubhakta, adding, “It required a lot of effort, patience, and fostering a personal relationship with the concerned authorities.”

Apparently delighted to hear Nepathya’s interest in his song, he said, “I look forward to being at Tundikhel on Saturday, where they will be performing this song for the first time in Nepal.”

Composer Gurung also expressed his happiness with the new rendition of his song.

Nepathya frontman Amrit Gurung said, “We have tried to justify the abstract nature of the song and have tried our hand at presenting it with a psychedelic flavour.”

Though this is the first composition of Vikram Gurung for Nepathya, the band has sung several of Sarubhakta’s creation, which includes Saruma Rani, Yanimaya and Lampate Surati.

The concert is being organised by Bajaj Motorcycles to celebrate the Pulsar Dare Venture Grand Finale.