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NEPSE Index Falls This Week

NEPSE Index Falls This Week
NEPSE Index Falls This Week

Kathmandu, 14th February, 2015 : The NEPSE index that fell suddenly last week has not shown any sign of improvements this week. The NEPSE index fallen by 7.22 point earlier has again decreased by 1.51 points compared to Friday.


The NEPSE index has fallen to 984.51 point this week. Similarly, the transaction amount of the NEPSE market was decreased by 51.50 per cent last week while it has gone down by 18.14 per cent this time.


As many as 170 companies made a transaction of Rs 1.43 billion from 348,400 units of shares with 12,862 transactions. The NEPSE has made a transaction of Rs 1.74 billion with 13,009 transactions from 169 companies.


The index of Rastriya Banijya Bank, hotel, hydropower and other group witnessed the fall while no transaction was made under the trade group.


The index of Development bank, finance, insurance and production group has seen slight improvement. The sensitive index has fallen to 0.76 decreasing from earlier day’s 209.7


Prabhu Bank transacted the highest- 253,000- shares of Rs 78.7 million this week. The Bank had made a transaction of Rs 253,000 shares last week.


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