Home Entertainment New Beyonce Video ‘7/11’ Rocks The Web

New Beyonce Video ‘7/11’ Rocks The Web

New Beyonce Video '7/11' Rocks The Web
New Beyonce Video '7/11' Rocks The Web

23 November,2014: Social media is all abuzz with the latest video from the Queen B herself — Beyonce.

It’s a silly little dance ditty called “7/11.”

It’s Bey and some “girlfriends” prancing in and around a high-rise — mostly in their underwear — vamping for the camera.

It’s a low-budget affair, but still scoring big with her fans. The video quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and was trending on Twitter and Facebook. Even convenience store chain 7-Eleven saw fit to capitalize on the buzz.

So, what’s the occasion? Beyonce has a new album coming out on Monday, giving the video all weekend to generate interest and presumably sales.

It’s really not even a new album. It’s a platinum edition of 2013’s “Beyonce,” which includes a few extra songs and a higher price tag.

Beyonce is good at raking in the cash.

The superstar singer has topped the Forbes list of the top-earning women in music for the second in a row.

In the list released earlier this month, Beyonce earned an estimated $115 million for 2014, more than doubling 2013’s $53 million, which topped last year’s list.

“Beyonce played 95 shows during our scoring period, bringing in an average $2.4 million per city,” Forbes reports. “She added endorsement deals from the likes of H&M and Pepsi — plus her self-titled surprise album, which hit iTunes in December 2013 and quickly became one of the year’s top sellers — to send her income into nine-figure territory.”

Taylor Swift came in second with $64 million in earnings. Pink ranked No. 3 with $52 million, followed by Rihanna with $48 million and Katy Perry with $40 million.

Forbes bases its list on calculating income from record and merchandise sales, touring, endorsements, publishing and other ventures, without deducting for management and/or attorney fees.

It’s good to be Queen B.



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