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Ilam,20 Nov 2014: CPN (UML) secretary Yogesh Bhattarai has advised UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to be concentrated in constitution writing process by giving up the 22- party alliance led by him.

Talking to the media persons in the district this morning, secretary Bhattarai urged other 22-party alliance leaders to be concentrated in the constitution writing process.

No party has two-third majority to promulgate the constitution therefore, parties should forge consensus for timely constitution.

If the parties were not ready to forge consensus then disputed issues should be finalized through process made by the constituent assembly (CA).

He further advised leader Dahal to join constitution drafting alliance led by the Nepali Congress and the UCPN (UML) for the timely constitution as he is a coordinator of the High Level Political Committee but his activities are found concentrated towards not to draft constitution.

Time waits none as who does not concentrate in constitution drafting process. The new constitution would be promulgated by January 22 at any cost.

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