New constitution by January 22: Minister Khadka

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New constitution by January 22: Minister Khadka

Birgunj,30 Dec 2014: Minister for Urban Development Dr Narayan Khadka has said that he was optimistic that a new constitution would be issued on the slated time after forging consensus among the political parties.

Speaking in a press meet organized by the Nepal Press Union, Parsa chapter today, Minister Khadka said the new constitution should be issued as per the commitment of the political parties that they made public during the Constituent Assembly (CA) election.

He further said that the country would face uncertainty, anarchy, despotism and conflict if the constitution was not issued on time.

He further said the disputed issues should be resolved through consensus, if it fails then it should be resolved through voting process, otherwise, referendum might be the best option as all bids fail to finalize the issues.

Indicating the double-speak of the UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Minister Khadka said that Dahal, on the one hand, welcomes the formation of a taskforce and on the other hand warns of protest.

Minister Khadka added that parties should be responsible in constituion drafting process as it was the need of the hour and as per the commitment of all political parties.

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