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New educational system underscored for educational reform

New educational system underscored for educational reform
New educational system underscored for educational reform

Kathmandu, Sept 10: Various speakers at a programme organized by National Campaign for Education-Nepal on the occasion of 36th National Education Day and 49th International Literacy Day have underscored a new educational system in the country to revamp educational sector.

Speaking at a programme, Educationist Dr Kedar Bhakta Mathema bemoaned that many students were deprived of education due to the frequent shutdowns enforced by the political parties in Nepal, forgetting that the ‘schools are peace zone’.

“Of the total 100 students enrolled in class one, only 30 of them make it to the School Leaving Certificate level exam and of them only 10 pass the exam,” shared Dr Mathema, throwing light on the penetration of education in Nepal.

Admitting that the educational development in Nepal took much later compared to the Western countries, he spoke of the need to reinvigorate the educational institutions in the country to take public into its confidence.

Similarly, former Education Minister and lawmaker Ganga Lal Tuladhar, former Minister and Lawmaker Agni Prasad Sapkota and lawmaker Ranjit Karna pointed out the need to put end to the trend of politicizing education sector. They also urged the government to be more responsible towards promoting education.

Speaker Dr Sawrnim Wagle, member of the National Planning Commission called for a change in the education sector instead of expecting promising results from the existing educational system in the country.

Speakers like Prof Dr Man Prasad Wagle and President of the Campaign, Rajkumar Gandharba among others argued to make the education of Nepal more result-oriented, the government should consider management of skilled and capable teachers, taking into account the waning public trust in the institutional schools and universities.
The participants in today’s programme had suggested the concerned authorities to revise the syllabus, emphasize vocational education, recognizing school as a safe zone and urged the teachers to stop politicizing the education.

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