Bird Strike On Thai Airways Plane Sets Off Alarm Bells At TIA

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Bird strike on Thai Airways plane sets off alarm bells at TIA

Kathmandu,22 March 2015: A Thai Airways aircraft arriving in Kathmandu from Bangkok made a safe landing despite a seemingly hazardous bird-hit on Sunday.

The aircraft landed safely and all the passengers disembarked unscathed, the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) confirmed.

TIA General Manager Birendra Shrestha said a bird had entered the right engine of the aircraft approximately 12 km away from the TIA landing strip in the sky above Godavari of the Lalitpur district. The aircraft which was approaching for a landing was flying at an altitude of 8,500 feet when the bird hit the aircraft.

Shrestha added that the engine of the aircraft had already gone for maintenance work and necessary testing, and would return with new passengers. The passengers boarding the aircraft were already being issued boarding passes, according to TIA.




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