Cold wave affects normal life in the farwest

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Cold wave affects normal life in the farwest

Dhangadhi,19 Dec 2014: The cold wave sweeping the far-west region of late has pushed the mercury further down, affecting normal life across the district.

The chill has mostly affected the school-going children, the elderly and the laborers.

The health workers reported that with the increase in cold the number of patients with common cold, asthma, pneumonia, cold diarrhoea among others, flocking to the local hospitals and health centres has also risen.

The mobility of the people in the streets and local markets is virtually invisible, owing to the extreme weather condition.

The local farmers said that the fog and cold wave have also played havoc to the winter crop as potatoes, mustard and the like.

The cold, however, has brought good news to the businesspersons dealing in the warm clothes.

The local businesspersons informed that with the increasing cold, their business has also taken off as people in-bulk have been thronging their clothing outlets to buy warm clothes.

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