Constitution through incumbent CA-Chairperson Mahato

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Constitution through incumbent CA-Chairperson Mahato

Birgunj (Parsa), Feb 16,2015: Sadbhavana Party (SP) Chairperson Rajendra Mahato has claimed that the incumbent Constituent Assembly (CA) would deliver a new constitution in the country.
At a press conference organized here today by Madhesi Journalists Society Parsa, he informed that they have launched the struggle to pile pressure on the ruling parties for constitution.
Preparation for struggle is to dismantle the ruling parties’ arrogance of two-third majority in the CA, Mahato added. The CA has still three years to go so the constitution would be delivered by the incumbent CA, he argued.
Mahato expressed his confidence that the CA would promulgate the constitution on consensus. He warned to promulgate constitution from the street if pro-change forces were ignored in the constitution-making process.
SP Chairperson Mahato further said the Madhes should not be disintegrated based on community as there has been a wider presence of mountain/hilly people in Terai

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