Constitution on Time: Minister Acharya

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Constitution on Time: Minister Acharya

Chitwan, 26 Dec 2014: Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation, Mahesha Acharya, has said the new constitution would be promulgated by 22 January 2015.

At a press conference organized by Chitwan chapter of the Nepal Press Union here on Friday, the Minister said the new constitution should be promulgated even by shortening the Constituent Assembly (CA) procedure if the political consensus was forged on the disputed issues of the constitution.

The constitution would be promulgated in the slated time if the taskforce formed by the political parties on Thursday could be able to forge political consensus on the contentious issues of constitution, he added.

Minister Acharya said the political parties have been holding talks though they blamed each other to be responsible for the disruption of the constitution writing process for few days.

Respect Animal Rights too

On a different note, Minister Acharya said the trend of giving inhuman tortures to wildlife should be ended.

Minister Acharya said this while the animal rights activists were criticizing that the elephants were given unnecessary tortures in the Chitwan Elephant Festivals. The forest and wildlife should be preserved and the area should be developed as a tourism destination, Acharya added.




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