Cultural procession to mark Lhosar

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Cultural procession to mark Lhosar

Kathmandu,30 Dec 2014: The Tamu Lhosar Festival Organising Main Committee today held a peace march and a cultural procession on the occasion of the Tamu Lhochhar festival.

The committee organised a march with various cultural tableaus to publicise the festival and driving home its significance.

The march that began from Basantapur passed through Naya Sadak, Ratna Park, Old Bus Park and Bhadrakali, and concluded after reaching Tundikhel, the main celebration venue.

Different organisations of the Gurung community participated in the rally accompanied by traditional musical band and the participants were donned in traditional costumes.

The Gurungs celebrate the Lhosar festival on the 15th of the Nepali month Poush every year marking their New Year.

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