Eighty percent kidney donors are women

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Eighty percent kidney donors are women

Bhaktapur, 29th December : Eighty percent of the kidney donors are women, the Human Organ Transplantation Centre, Bhaktapur has stated.


The centre said the number of male donors of kidney was negligible compared to women donors. In view of this disparity, the Centre has started offering a discount of Rs 50 thousand in the treatment expenses with the objective of increasing the number of male donors.


Eighty percent kidney donors are women
Eighty percent kidney donors are women

Centre Director Dr Pukar Chandra Shrestha said they have started providing the discount in the treatment charges for encouraging male donors.


He said that so far 56 people including 48 men have undergone kidney transplantation at the Centre. The donors to these recipients include 43 women and 13 men. Among the 13 male donors, all but one has donated to a woman.


One time kidney transplantation at the Centre costs approximately Rs 350,000. Of this cost, the Centre bears Rs 25,000 and the Arogya Foundation the same amount on the total treatment charge of a male donor.


Dr Shrestha said the number of people going to India for kidney transplantation has not decreased even now as the scope of kidney donation has not been expanded.


According to the policy set by the government, only the close family members can donate kidney to fellow member and nobody outside the familial kinship can do so. This provision, according to Dr Shrestha, has created problem.


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