Gorkha prison sees drinking water shortage

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Gorkha prison sees drinking water shortage

Gorkhabazaar, Feb 25,2015: Crisis of drinking water has gripped Gorkha District Jail, which has possessed inmates more than double of its accommodation capacity.
Per day only 2,000 litres of drinking water has been supplied to the prison while the need is 10,000 litre.
Section Officer at the Prison Mohan Bahadur Thapa informed that the water collection and distribution has been troubled for lack of water source and tank for storage.
There are 117 jailbirds within the prison. Of them 13 are women. The prison has separate space for male and female jailbirds. There are four toilets inside male section.
“One needs to wait in queue to go for toilet especially in the morning time”, jailer Thapa said, adding that, “The inmates are in trouble when 104 have to use four toilets”.
The ‘d’ category Gorkha district prison has total 55 jailbirds.
Though it was constructed to accommodate 45 jailbirds the government has decided to manage additional 10.




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