4 rhinos swept away to India brought back to Chitwan National Park

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Chitwan, August 25, 2017: Four rhinos including three female and one male that were swept away to bordering India have been brought back to Chitwan National Park (CNP) while preparations are underway to retrieve one.

According to CNP Information Officer Nurendra Aryal, a young female rhino was found 42-km away from the CNP in the Indian village of Bagah and preparations are on to get it back Thursday.

According to Aryal, they were able to bring the rhinos back with the support of Indian forestry officials and CNP officials and. The rhinos are tranquilised using a dart while shifting them from one place to another and so was the process to get back the rhinos from Indian territory.

He informed that some rhinos are still missing and search for them is underway.

Meanwhile, a rhino was found at Narsahi of Nawalparasi, one another at Triveni Community Forest and next at Balmeeki Ashram. Preparations are being made to bring back the rhinos after reduction of water level in nearby rivers.

Source: RSS