CPN (ML) Mechi-Mahakali Tour Reaches Biratnagar

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Biratnagar, Nov 22,2014: The Mechi-Mahakali Awareness Tour started by CPN (ML) to press for promulgation of the new constitution on the stipulated date reached Biratnagar today.

The party had started the tour from the Mechi bridge at Kakadbhitta in Jhapa with a demand that the promulgation of the constitution must take place by 22 January.

At a press conference held in the district, the party leaders also stressed for incorporation of federal state structure, form of governance, electoral and judicial system in the new constitution.

The tour started from Mechi bridge will conclude at Gaddachauki in Mahakali. It is being held to demand incorporation of six provincial states in view of the strain imposed by the country’s geography and economic scenario, informed CPN (ML) Politburo member Khagendra Prasai.

Some 40 members of the party including party officials from politburo and the central committee are taking part in the tour.

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