Installation of traffic lights in Lalitpur to increase road discipline

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Lalitpur, February 8, 2018:  The government of Nepal in collaboration with Lalitpur Metropolitan City office is preparing to install traffic lights in three places of Lalitpur district.

According to the plan, the traffic lights are to be set up in the roads Alka Hospital in Jawalakhel, Minister Quarter in Pulchowk, and Kandevtasthan in Kupandole.

Sitaram Hachhethu, Chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police, Lalitpur shared that there was not a single traffic light in the entire Lalitpur district, earlier. According to Hachhethu, the traffic lights are set to be installed in these areas for traffic management and safety of the people.He mentioned “The setup of lights will ease both traffic and the drivers as the drivers can detect the lights from a far distance with ease. The setting up of traffic lights will also increase road discipline among the drivers that will naturally reduce road accidents.”

The installation of traffic lights in these three areas of Lalitpur will ease the daily traffic jam that occurs in Thapathali. This will also relieve the load on traffic police team and encourage the drivers to manage vehicle speed.

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