Online visa system to modernize immigration-DPM Gautam

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Kathmandu, March 27,2015: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bamdev Gautam has said the enforcement of online visa system will be to modernize the Department of Immigration and ensure easy immigration services.

Inaugurating the CPN-UML, Communications Sector Council here today, Deputy Prime Minister Gautam said the system setup would help check fraud visa and clarified that the Immigration Department would look after the final permission for immigration.

The proposal to introduce the new system is under consideration in the Infrastructure Development Committee of Council of Ministers and is being discussed in different parliamentary committees, he said.

“One can fill up visa application form on line. It requires all the information of the arrivers. The information will be quite confidential. The company does these works till the setup of the system. But it is totally wrong that the government is handing over the Department of Immigration to the foreigners”, the DPM said.

He questioned, “Are Nepali currency note and Machine Readable Passport printed in Nepal? What are the information leaked outside with this?’

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