Road Accidents Decline In Dang In Past Six Months

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Deukhuri (Dang), Jan 28,2015: Road accidents in Dang are found to have decreased by 42 percent in the first six months of the current fiscal year.
A total of 63 road accidents were recorded during the period against 157 in the same period last fiscal year. Likewise, the casualties stand at 25 against 74 in the previous year. A total of 315 persons were injured in road accidents in the first six months of 2013/14 against 90 in the same period of 2014/2015.
The reasons for the high number of accidents in the Lamahi, Ghorahi and Tulsipur road sections are condition of roads, drivers and the condition of the vehicles itself, says Traffic Police Chief Inspector Bir Bahadur Thapa. The very narrow Lamahi-Tulasipur road that stands at only 20 feet makes life for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists very risky, adds Thapa.
Some 25,000 vehicles are registered in the Dang district, according to Traffic Police

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