TU Raises Answer Paper Checking Pay

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Kathmandu, Dec 2,2014: The long overdue increment in the remuneration of the answer sheet checking at the Tribhuvan University is to be put into implementation.

TU took the decision to increase the remuneration of checking the answer sheets this year after complaints from the examination answer paper examiners that the increment had not taken place despite the market price hike.

As per the decision taken by the TU Executive Board on 16 October, the remuneration of checking the Bachelors’ degree answer sheets has been increased to Rs 35 per answer sheet from the existing Rs 20 while the answer sheet of Masters degree has been increased to Rs 40 from Rs 25.

The decision will take effect from the Bachelors’ degree first year answer sheet checking, according to Controller of the Examinations Keshav Bastola.

Meanwhile, various standards have been set to remove the delay and carelessness seen in the answer sheets checking.

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