Turkish Aircraft Removed From Accident Site

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Turkish Aircraft Removed From Accident Site

Kathmandu,7 March 2015: Grounded Turkish Airlines aircraft has been finally lifted and taken near to airport apron this evening after four-day continuous efforts.

The aircraft got stuck in a grassy area close to the runway after it missed the runway in course of landing at 10:00 am Wednesday morning.  The sole international airport of the country had to cancel abroad flights for around 80 hours following the accident.

The  airport is expected to resume international flights after a while, according to airport manager Purna Prasad Chudal. The runway ramps damaged by the accident have been repaired and incident site has been cleared off.

To this date, 24,300 passengers are on standby flight while the same number of passengers outside the country is waiting for their flight to the capital.  The airport will remain open round- the-clock for the time being for the convenience of passengers once it comes into operation, TIA Director General Ratishchandra Lal Suman said.

A team of 25 experts from India, 400 Nepal Army personnel, 360 Nepal police personnel and other 200 people worked continuously to remove the aircraft. Over 22 equipments and containers and cranes were used to remove the wide-body airbus.

The disruption of international flights at TIA has left many passengers stranded at home and abroad.  TIA makes 40 international flights and sees landing of same number of flights from different countries a day. It incurred losses of over Rs 10 million on average due to the closure of international flights.




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