Westerly Wind Causes Thundershower

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Westerly Wind Causes Thundershower

Kathmandu,4 April 2015: Various places across the nation witnessed rainfall with gale force Saturday afternoon caused by the mixture of the local air with the Westerly wind.

“Today’s rainfall is attributed to the merger of the local air with the Westerly wind,” meteorologist Shanti Kandel told RSS, adding that places like Kathmandu Valley and some places of the Western part of the country mainly witnessed showers today. There was slight rainfall in only few places at the Eastern part of the country, according to meteorologist Kandel.

As the pre-monsoon was about to set in, there has been intermittent rainfall across the nation, explained Kandel. She further said that while Kathmandu valley along with some places in the Eastern part of the country will experience rainfall with thunderstorm on Sunday, the weather will gradually improve in the Western part of the country.

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, Lumle in Kaski district and Dadelhdura district witnessed heaviest rainfall, measuring at 22 and 20 millimetre respectively.

Although the rainfall caused fall in temperature in various parts of the country, mercury perched highest at Simara in Chitwan district, measuring 34.6 degree Celsius.




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