Youth federation Nepal organizes ‘Turtle’ rally

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Youth federation Nepal organizes 'Turtle' rally

Kathmandu, Jan 19: The Youth Federation Nepal, the youth wing of the CPN (UML), organised a ‘tortoise rally’ today to exert pressure citing the pace of constitution writing has become slow like the tortoise.

The tortoise march that began at Babarmahal concluded upon reaching Bijuli Bazaar where the participants held a corner assembly.

The Federation has been organising various pressure-exerting programmes since some days as the situation has become such that a new constitution was not likely to be issued on the stipulated date of January 22 given the very slow progress in the constitution-making front in the Constituent Assembly.

The participants of the rally walked on their fours resembling a turtle as a satire to the Constituent Assembly members, calling on the lawmakers to work expeditiously in constitution writing.

Today’s rally was scheduled to be held in front of the CA Building at Naya Baneshwar but had to be moved some distance away as the surrounding areas around the CA building have been declared prohibited zones by the authorities, it is stated.

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