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Next Growth Conclave: Showcasing Nepal’s dynamic Entrepreneurial Space


Kathmandu, 24 December, 2017: With the main theme of ‘Decoding Business Growth’, Nepal’s largest entrepreneur conversation, Next Growth Conclave organized by NEXT Venture Corp on Friday convened speakers, firms and entrepreneurs from national as well as international spaces.

Twenty-two international and Nepali speakers and more than thirty firms were present in the conference to convey their expertise and showcase their product and services respectively. The firms also bagged an opportunity to converse with the investors and potential customers.

The speakers from various walks of life gave an insight of their beginning phases of opening a company from a startup level to establishing their companies to an enterprise. The experiences they shared were inspiring and motivating to the aspiring entrepreneurs present in the conference.

Upendra Mahato, founder of the Mahato Group of Industries; Siddhant Raj Pandey, chairman of Business Oxygen Nepal; Hem Raj Dhakal, co-founder of the IME Group, Nepal; Nitin Sethi, vice-president of Quikr.com, Bangalore, India and Anil Gurung, co-founder of the Backstreet Academy, Nepal were the speakers of this event. Malaysia, India, Finland, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States of America were present in the conference with their firms.

Different panels that unraveled talks of achieving business growth and the importance of user interface investing in Nepal caught the spotlight. The panelists revealed candid and professional experiences during the discussions.

One of the most intriguing and common answers received to the questions raised about the success behind a successful entrepreneurial journey was- Luck!

“An entrepreneur is someone who can recognize an opportunity at a point in time coupled with the ability to grab it.”, Warren Lowe, vice president of the Inmagine Group stressed upon the luck factor in his speech.

Hem Raj Dhakal and Upendra Mahato shared their engaging story of entrepreneurship. “When you have a crisis, you have a business opportunity. Don’t overthink.” Mahato mentioned in the discussion.

Quickr, India’s advertisement company had its vice president Nitin Sethi represent the enterprise. Giving the examples of the successful enterprises like Yahoo Mail and Twitter, he talked about the need of having a good user interface (UX), as these products went on to bag varied taste of success based on their UX. Sethi opined about the lack of good UX would ultimately lead to a downfall in the enterprise.

Next Growth Conclave gave an opportunity to product launches in the conference. One of the apps was Singha Durbar, an app built for Nepali governmental tasks. This app which is part of the Singha Durbar Project and is funded by USAID has been considered to assist the government system.

The presence of more than 700 attendees in the program was a sign of the fostering interest of Nepali youths to starts their own entrepreneurship journey.

By: Kabita Sen