‘NGO people riding lavish vehicles in children’s name

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'NGO people riding lavish vehicles in children's name

Inaruwa, Jan 18: Locals in Sunsari have complained that the people running Non-government Organizations in the district enjoy a sophisticated life misusing the budget allocated in the name of child development.

The children and their kin have blamed that the some senior NGO officials in the district prefer riding comfortable and expensive vehicles from the budget allocated in the name of children’s development.

Dozens of INGOs including the United Mission to Nepal, Plan Nepal and Action Aid are active in the district but it is claimed the budget allocated under the different titles are not appropriately used to meet their target.

The INGOs just limited their programmes in the paper misleading even the chief of the government offices in the district, complained Manoj Yadav.

The INGOs sold the names and photographs of children to attract the programmes but cheated the children from the targeted community and group and use it for their own interest, said Puspa Rai of Prakashpur of district. The NGOs talk about the rights of children but they violate the children’s rights and suppressed the children taking shelters in the local NGOs.

The victim children claimed that Plan Nepal allocation of Rs 50 million for different child development programmes in limited to papers.

However, the Plan Nepal reiterated that the NGO never cheat the children instead has been working for the children’s rights since many years.

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